Rapidly changing legislation requires increased demand from companies not only in fulfilling their statutory obligations but mostly in the field of cost planning and effective risk management.

For corporate and individual clients as well,  we are ready to provide complete tax service, from tax registration, tax representation in tax proceedings, preparation of tax returns for all types of taxes to representation in tax inspections.

The advantage of our services is a combination of knowledge from the areas of direct and indirect taxes, accounting.

All our services are certified by a tax advisor.

  • Corporate income tax - interim tax advice on the correct application of procedures and regulations, preparation and submission of tax returns, written opinions, tax representation in case of control
  • Value Added Tax - registration, complete processing and VAT registration in accordance with current legislation, tax representation for tax inspection
  • Processing the Intrastat report and summary report
  • Income tax for individuals - interim tax consultancy in the field of correct application of regulations, elaboration of tax returns of types B, A. Advice not only for business entities, but also for employees, citizens and all those subject to the duty of tax returns
  • Property taxes
  • Collaboration on elaboration of transfer pricing